New album!

Without Dimensions


"Here we have Júlia Karosi and her wonderful musicians from Hungary whose every song is a delicious short story. The compositions are beautifully and intelligently written and performed with great inspiration and will be a joy to the ear, of many I’m convinced crossing the boundaries of jazz." (David Linx)

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University of Szeged

"Bartók & Improvization" workshop



New York City Jazz Records

by George Grella

“Through Bartok’s music, Julia Karosi is able to convey some of the peculiarities of Hungarian music…”

by Benno Bartsch, Jazz Podium

“The music is atmospheric, emotional and pushes the possibilities of jazz’s third stream sonics even further…”

by Adorjan Horvath, Staccatofy

“Karosi’s voice continually weaves above, below and through the changing moods of all these themes…”

by Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

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