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“Mothers In Jazz” on LondonJazz

by Nicky Schrire on LondonJazz

New York City Jazz Records

by George Grella

“Through Bartok’s music, Julia Karosi is able to convey some of the peculiarities of Hungarian music…”

by Benno Bartsch, Jazz Podium

“The music is atmospheric, emotional and pushes the possibilities of jazz’s third stream sonics even further…”

by Adorjan Horvath, Staccatofy

“Karosi’s voice continually weaves above, below and through the changing moods of all these themes…”

by Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

“Each title and each sung or played note seem like a special form of coming home…”

by Reinhard Köchl, Jazzthing Magazin

“Julia Karosi’s vocal interpretations and her original compositions are tender and personal…”

by "Domi" in Concerto Magazin

**** Ringer of the Week ****

by George W. Harris at "Jazz Weekly"

“Karosi’s high-flying vocalese lines go well with Monder’s supersonic soloing.”

by Garry Booth, BBC Music Magazine

“Without Dimensions by Júlia Karosi builds a bridge between classical and jazz”

by Bernard Lefèvre at

“Classical Music in Jazz Costume”

by Christoph Giese, Medienhaus Bauer Kultur

“The most striking thing about this work is the mood, the atmosphere they create…”

Ohrenschmauch, Münster


by Dee Dee McNeil at Musicalmemoirs's blog

“Without Dimensions” New Release!

by Lydia Liebman Promotions

“Hidden Roots run deep”

by Carol Banks Weber at AXS

Emotion statt Attitüde

by Victoriah Szirmai at

Singing a New Song

by Thomas Cunniffe at Jazzhistory online

“I give Julia & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) of 4.99.”

by Dick Metcalf in Rotcod Zzaj

Newer Female Voices

by George W. Harris in Jazz Weekly

Soul Voices

by Christoph Giese in Jazzthetik

“Karosi has a lovely voice and she uses her instrument with an infectious creative artistry.”

by Jack Goodstein at

“Hidden Roots is a showstopper!”

by Dee Dee McNeil at

“Karosi is widely considered to be one of the country’s best singers, something I wouldn’t for a moment disagree with.”

by Mark S. Tucker at

“It’s ear opener time again kids as we find the second outing from one of Hungary’s top jazz vocalist…”

by Chris Spector at

Hungary’s gift to jazz: Meet Julia Karosi

by Grady Harp at Amazon

“Julia Karosi is a vocalist who bring her passion for music into her original compositions and lyrics…”

by Judy Niemack (Album Quotes)

“Here we have Julia Karosi and her wonderful musicians from Hungary whose every song is a delicious short story…”

by David Linx (Album Quotes)

5. Voicingers

by Christophe Giese in Ruhr Jazz

Julia Karosi Quartet pour le concours de jazz á Crest

by Philippe Chassange in Jazz Rhone Alpes

Júlia Karosi, the Singer Who Thinks in Songs

By Barbara Bércesi, in Gramofon Magazine