Júlia Karosi Quartet & Ben Monder
“Without Dimensions”

On her album Without Dimensions, Júlia Karosi and guitarist Ben Monder reexamine and reimagine the works of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály in a contemporary jazz setting. Half original music, half arrangements of Bartók/Kodály compositions, Without Dimensions is also an extraordinary exploration of Hungarian heritage. The two artists performed together in 2019 at a major concert at Budapest at the Palace of Arts, and recorded the album the following day. “I was very happy for the opportunity to take part in interpreting some of his music. Júlia’s voice is exquisite, her band played brilliantly, and I found the arrangements to be inventive and inspiring.” On this successful marriage of jazz and Hungarian classical music, Júlia shows why she is one of the most called-upon vocalists in her country, and one of the premier contemporary interpreters of this music.