Broadway Songbook: George Gershwin & Cole Porter

Since 2016 Júlia tours with a brand new Gershwin Project. It presents the most famous pieces of George Gershwin, as well as less known songs, featuring a String Quartet. The concert evokes the real Broadway atmosphere with a modern twist.

For Júlia Karosi Gershwin represents a kind of bridge between written and purely improvisational music – or put another way, between classical and jazz – and at the same time it is an excellent springboard for experimentation. The concert features the Júlia Karosi Quartet plus the RTQ string quartet, for which Márton Fenyvesi has prepared the scoring of classical jazz numbers.

In 2019 the Songbook’s repertoire has widened with the masterpieces of another great composer, Cole Porter. The classical arrengements was written by Illés Szabó.